Risk Essentials

Identify, Prioritize and Manage your risks

  • Course Overview

    This one-day course is suitable for participants who either have limited risk management experience and are seeking a conceptual grounding in the key components of good risk management practice, or more experienced risk management users who are looking for a refresher on various aspects of their enterprise risk management approach. The course is aligned to the AS/NZS ISO 3100:2009 Risk Management – Principles and Guidelines and combines the theory with the practice in an organisational context. Today’s organisations are also looking at more efficient ways to identify, assess, review and report on risks at any level.

  • About GRC

    GRC is the integrated collection of capabilities that enable an organization to reliably achieve objectives, address uncertainty and act with integrity GRC as an acronym denotes GOVERNANCE, RISK, and COMPLIANCE — but the full story of GRC is so much more than those three words. The acronym GRC was invented as a shorthand reference to the critical capabilities that must work together to achieve Principled Performance — the capabilities that integrate the governance, management and assurance of performance, risk, and compliance activities. This includes the work done by departments like internal audit, compliance, risk, legal, finance, IT, HR as well as the lines of business, executive suite and the board itself.

What will you learn?

Register for this course to explore topics such as:

  1. Why Do Organisations Need to Manage Risk?
  2. Organisational Risk Context
  3. Risk Breakdown Structures
  4. Organisational Risk Maturity
  5. Risk Governance
  6. Risk Documentation
  7. Risk Registers
  8. Risk Management Software
  9. Defining Risk
  10. Types of Risk
  11. Risk Management Objectives
  12. Risk Management Principles
  13. Risk Management Framework
  14. Risk Management Process
  15. Enterprise Risk Management
  16. Categories of Risk Impact
  17. Risk Causes and Consequences
  18. Risk Consequence and Likelihood Rating
  19. Risk Impact
  20. Risk Assessment
  21. Risk Controls
  22. Risk Treatments
  23. Risk Appetite/Tolerance/Attitude
  24. Target Level of Risk
  25. Strategic Risk
  26. Operational Risk
  27. Risk Reporting


Brad Smith

  • Brad Smith

    Principal Consultant

    Brad Smith

    Experienced and skilled Senior Consultant who actively seeks out and applies leading business practices and works with organisations (163 to date) to solve complex business problems, build business capability and achieve better performance. Previous senior roles in public sector management and a commitment to continuous learning have equipped me to understand how organisations and organisational processes work and how to most effectively link improved practices and people. This generates better performance and measurable results.

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