CAMMS Strategy

Measure, monitor and act on organizational strategy

  • Course Overview

    This course is suitable for any new or existing users of the cammsstrategy solution. If you are looking to get an understanding of the product and some conceptual grounding this course is ideal for you.

  • About cammsstrategy

    cammsstrategy uniquely enables organizations like yours to align people and processes by empowering anyone to actively partake in enterprise strategy execution – from individual tasks and actions, to departmental or overarching organizational goals.

What will you learn?

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  1. What is cammsstrategy?                                   
  2. Key benefits                                        
  3. Framework and Technology                    
  4. Hosting Solutions                                  
  5. Hierarchies                                               
  6. Integrations                                                 
  7. Security                                                  
  8. Navigation and User Management    
  9. Planning Structure                         
  10. Performance Management     
  11. Administration - Settings and Configurations

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